Commute around the town to taste every coffee

It is fun to sample different coffee recipes around town. How will you know the best café with a tasty coffee drink if you do not sample? You just want to rely on word of mouth, people have different tastes. You have some free time, why not walk around town and get to know all the joints that serve coffee? If you are diving, you have the convenience, you can maneuver at will, but how will you know all the joints in town. The answer is in your hands- your smartphone.

Use various GPS location tools and search for all the coffee shops; of course, you will not visit all of them but you will be able to plan your route, save time and energy. In addition, the digital tool will give you all the direction and distances.

With the objective of getting the tasty coffee recipe, it is an adventure, you appreciate what nature has to offer as you also have a view of most of the spectacular places, alight take a photo or video for memory. This adventure is better when you do it as a group to avoid boredom by having company in your car.

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You can also opt to use the public transport; in fact, you will start your adventure at the bus stations. As you alight in the various bus stop, you can take a walk using your GPS tools and locate the nearest coffee shops. Although the public transport may have its limitations in terms of convenience, you have the freedom to play a game and plan your nest route as you enjoy the ride unlike when you drive yourself. Some of the places might be far from the bus station. It is a workout to walk to the coffee shops.

Motorcycles and bicycles are also good means of transport. Apart from a workout and interacting with nature, you have the option of cycling to the coffee shops. Although, your movement is limited compared to a four-wheel automotive. You can only commute within your neighborhood that means you will not sample all the coffee shops in your town depending on the distance.

Is it harmful to consume a lot of coffee? Health experts warn on prolonged consumption of coffee due to the high caffeine content. Although it also has its own share of benefits, unlike junk foods which promote weight gain, coffee has a low content of fat allowing you to maintain a healthy weight despite the amount of consumption.

In addition, it works directly on the central nervous system making you have a clear state of mind and be alert for you to concentrate on driving or cycling or whatever activity you indulge in when in a public transport. At the same time, as you taste the different coffee recipes, you are sober to get the difference in quality and value. How can you differentiate coffee brewed from a wood coffee maker and an espresso machine? It all lies in your state of mind.