Promoting an app for a bus services using Email automation

Email automation is the modern marketing strategy that is affordable and reliable owing to the advent of digital technology. Almost 70 % of the adult population use Email as a communication tool. In addition, Email reduces global distance. Why not use Email campaigns to promote an application of a bus service. The software in itself is a digital tool, so you are sure the recipients are the first market. Even if they drive, at one point they have to rely on bus services.

What are the features of a marketing automation software ideal for bus service application?

Lead pages

Email automation toolkit entirely depends on Emails as a form of communication. To increase the conversation rate one has to have a large database of Emails. The websites of the bus company should have a lead page as a point to capture Email addresses of potential customers and use it as a communication tool for sending information about their application. The main advantage of an Email campaign, you can attach the link to the application for faster download and installation.

Email campaigns

Just like advertisements, you have to design various Email campaigns to promote the application. If possible, send it to recipients of different categories to increase the chance of uptake. Why not send newsletters concerning the same and if possible send a link on reviews from customers who have benefitted from the software.

Social media integration

We cannot underrate the power of social media. Marketing application integrates various social media platforms to increase the chance of having the application among social media circles. If everyone in your friends’ list talks about the application, you will be tempted to also download it, after all, it is free.

Landing pages

Landing pages of the marketing automation help to spread the word on the benefits of the application. People tend to buy a product because of the benefits. Use the landing pages feature to sell benefits of the application; you will be amazed by the power of giving your audience the reasons they need to have the application in their gadgets.

Pricing plan

Whether you are a renowned bus company or a startup you can still enjoy the advantages of the marketing automation interface since you are charged based on the number of email subscribers.

Customer Relationship Management platform

Marketing automation provides a paradigm shift through automation for business owners. You have the power to have a one-on-one interaction with your audience. You get to have real-time feedback on various Email campaigns of the bus service application for you to make adjustments. Marketing automation versus comparison with old marketing tools like print, audio and visual media, marketing automation tool takes the lead through reliability and affordability.

Generally, it is no automatic to have profited by the simple reason of a marketing automation toolkit. The feature of the bus service application gives you a bigger percentage of the growth of the transport business. Since they ar e both in the tech industry, there will be little convincing to proof its efficiency.