Riding A Bus Foods

While driving your own car or riding your own motorbike to get from place to place has always been preferred, it’s an inefficient form of transportation that leads to a lot of wasted fuel and energy. With the rise of global temperatures due to the emissions of greenhouse gasses, countries are looking to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the number of vehicles that ply on their roads. An alternative form of transportation that uses much less energy per person is public transport. While public transportation systems such as buses and metro railways have existed for a long time now, it’s only in recent times that they’ve been recognized as being a more environmentally conservative form of getting from place to place.

Residents of several metropolitan areas around the world rely exclusively on public transport. They use the extensive network of buses and metro rails to their advantage to get from place to place. Public transport is actually pretty common in Asia. In advanced eastern cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo, public transport is commonplace since its the only way to transport the large and dense population efficiently. If everyone in the city used cars, all roadways would be locked in a traffic jam. In Southeast Asian countries like India and Pakistan, the vast majority of the population relies on public transport in the form of buses since most can’t afford to buy a car and pay for the maintenance costs that go along with it.

It should be pretty clear by now that in a number of places, traveling by bus is the only viable and affordable means of transportation. While traveling by bus, it may so happen that you feel hungry. This is completely natural. Hunger is, after all, an indication from your body which reminds you to eat, if you haven’t had anything in a while. You can feel hungry at any place and at any time, a public bus is no exception.

Normally, the way to assuage hunger is by eating something filling. However, on a moving bus, some foods are more difficult to consume than others. There are only a handful of certain types of foods that can be eaten while riding on the bus. The first thing to see is whether the food item is solid or not. Liquid foods such as soup are extremely difficult to eat on a moving vehicle. The next thing to ensure is that what you’re eating is small and doesn’t take up much space. For example, a takeaway or packed lunch or dinner can be very hard to eat on a bus since there’s not much space available on the bus to hold it while you eat it.

Given these constraints, the best thing to satisfy your hunger with on the bus would be something like Smokey meat by Seriously Smoked. Not only is smoked meat delicious, but it’s also very easy to eat, even on a bus. All you need to do is take out a piece of meat from the package and eat it. Unfortunately, this option may not suit vegetarian people. Folks dedicated to staying away from animal meat can try instant cup noodles. It’s filling and very easy to make. Just pour in boiling water, wait for it to reach maximum heat, cook off and you have a steaming cup of delicious vegetarian noodles.